‘I nearly died after being pushed out of the third-floor window by a university boss who tried to rape me’

‘I Nearly Died After Being Pushed Out Of The Third-Floor Window By A University Boss Who Tried To Rape Me’
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From her hospital bed, Mushtaribonu denounced her supervisor for the October 18 attack.

Mushtaribonu claims the dean asked her to make coffee for him while they were alone in his office last Monday.

Thereafter, the Dean locked the door and turned off the light.

She scrambled with her phone and managed to dial a male friend’s number, pleading to come and save her.

“She tried to leave the office, but the deputy dean grabbed her and pushed her onto a sofa,” according to NeMolchi.uz an anti-sexual assault organisation to which Mushtari delivered a statement.

During the sexual assault, the student fought back and shouted. Then she dashed to the window and opened it to ask for help.

Mushtari resisted, but the Dean was stronger, so he pushed Mushtari out, and she landed on concrete under the window.

The Dean then shut the window, lowered the blind, and allowed Mushtaribonu’s companion in via the main door.

According to the reports, the young man dragged the Dean downstairs where the student was laying in blood.

The deputy dean drove her to the hospital, claiming she had “fallen.”

She informed her male companion – who had accompanied her – that the Dean had pushed her out the window as she lay injured in his car.

She suffered a broken pelvis, numerous bruises, and a severe concussion.

Yuldashev stands imprisoned under the country’s rape laws and on suspicion of causing intentional injury to Mushtaribonu.

“When will women in Uzbekistan be protected by laws and justice?” the women’s charity said.

“When will school leaders start fighting harassment rather than covering up the behaviour?”

Tashkent City Department of Internal Affairs confirmed that a criminal investigation was underway.

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