12 Powerful Laws of Karma If You Truly Understood Them You wouldn’t Need Any Self Help Book Ever

12 Powerful Laws Of Karma If You Truly Understood Them You Wouldn’T Need Any Self Help Book Ever
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The 12 Laws of Karma regulate our lives and the universe. Are you familiar with the statement that “the whole universe is full of karma”? If yes, then you know, and if no, then let me help you. The statement suggests that “every cell in the body or every particle in the universe is full of actions.” There is energy everywhere. We don’t consider whether actions are good or evil. We care about it because of its consequences. To ensure that the results of your actions are acceptable, you must take deliberate action. In other words, be aware of the laws of karma.

1. The Law of Cause & Effect

Whatever we put out into the universe will return to us. If we want happiness, peace, love, and friendship, we must first BE joyful, peaceful, loving, and a sincere friend.

Everything that happens to you and around you at any given time is the result of past karma. Human beings have not been punished by karma. We cannot, however, avoid the results of our choices. Good deeds eventually result in positive outcomes.

2. The Law of Creation

Life does not happen by itself, we make it happen.

Sitting still won’t do any good. Miracles do take place. However, you have to make the first move. If your life is not turning out the way you had hoped, it is time to reflect and determine the realistic next steps. Utilize your talents and strengths to create what you want and remember to help others.

3. The Law of Humility

To change something, one must first accept it. One cannot and will not be focused on a higher plane of existence if all they see is an adversary or a bad quality in themselves.

That karma continues to exist as long as the memories of the past are still fresh in your mind. Through meditation, pranayama, and service, you can get rid of old impressions. Only when the impressions vanish do you become free from karma. All karmas vanish once you realise that while your mind is a part of you, you are not your mind and that you are much more important than your mind.

4. The Law of Growth

If you change yourself first, you can bring about change in the world.

Develop your spirit and make a difference. You recall how you stop worrying about whether you will arrive at your destination once you have boarded the plane? Similarly, as you navigate the challenges of life, keep moving forward on your spiritual path with determination. This is the law of growth. Focus on your internal growth in order to see it manifest in your outer world.

5. The Law of Responsibility

If something is wrong in someone’s life, it must also be wrong with them. This is a Universal Truth: we reflect what is around us, and that which is around us reflects us. One ought to accept responsibility for their circumstances.

This law instils a sense of ownership over everything that occurs to you and others around you.

Your decisions in life have an impact on who you are. Blaming people for your experiences is pointless. Take ownership of your responses.

6. The Law of Connection

Because everything in the universe is interconnected, even the seemingly unimportant or simplest tasks must be connected. Each step paves the way for the following one, and so on. To finish a task, some initial labour must be put forth. Both the first and the end steps are equally important. To complete the mission, they are both required. Future, Present, and Past are all interconnected.

7. The Law of Focus

Focus helps you achieve success in your duties and sharpens your thinking.

One cannot have two thoughts going at once. It is impossible for us to have ideas like greed or anger if our emphasis is on spiritual values.

The ability to focus helps you think more clearly and do activities better.

Alternatively, if you focus on the constructive and beneficial aspects, multitasking is good (wisdom, generosity, love, hope, patience). If lust, anger, envy, greed, hatred, frustration, and violence come up, you must end it.

8. The Law of Action

Your action must match what you believe.

We may sum it up by saying, “Walk the Talk.” Your belief in happiness needs external support if those around you cannot see happiness in your activities. Create a joyful environment for others around you if you want to be happy yourself.

9. The Law of Here & Now

When one is contemplating the past or looking ahead to worry about the future, they are not present in the moment. We are unable to have new dreams because of outdated beliefs, coping mechanisms, and behavioural patterns.

We must always remember that past moment cannot be relived. Think of the past as your fate, the future as the product of your free will, and make the most of the present. The current moment, the here and now, has been given to us by the divine, let’s enjoy it to the fullest.

10. The Law of Change

Until we learn the lessons we need to change our course, history will keep repeating itself.

People frequently complain that their issues don’t go away but rather get worse. Break the negative loop of behaviours from your past. Watch for instances when the past is being repeated. Create a fresh future by taking corrective action.

11. The Law of Patience

True happiness comes from carrying out one’s duties and being certain that the reward will materialise at the right moment.

All you have to do is work hard, patiently and consistently towards your intended goals. Make sure you are following the right path. After that, don’t look back. Celebrating the small victories along the way will give you additional strength to advance toward the larger objectives. With patience you will overcome your fear and anxiety and it will make the experience more enjoyable.

12. The Law of Inspiration

Our individuality serves to share and have a beneficial influence on others. A excellent singer is able to calm and uplift others in addition to singing for themselves. This karmic law might serve as inspiration for people to keep doing what they are good at. In some way or another, we can make a contribution to society.

Knowing the laws of karma and applying them to your life can make you a better version of yourself.

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