Habits of a happy brain

Habits Of A Happy Brain

Habits of a happy brain, retrain your brain to boost your Serotonin, dopamine, Oxytocin is the name of a book written by Loretta Graziano Breuning. She is an American writer. The Inner Mammal Institute is founded by her to help people turn on their happy chemicals in new ways. 

In chapter 6, she writes about new habits for each happy chemical. No one except ourselves can learn to turn on our happy chemicals. There are found to be many choices, and we can choose the way the best match for us. By repeating it for forty-five days in a row, we can wire it into our brain.

New Dopamine Habits

Celebrate small victories

Take steps toward a new goal

Divide an unpleasant task into small parts

Keep adjusting the bar

Celebrate Small Victories

If always our happiness and long-term goals go hand in hand, we will end up being frustrated. But we attain some success every day by celebrating and enjoying it more dopamine is triggered than the time we wait for significant achievements to come. We do not need champagne and caviar to celebrate small achievements. Just by letting ourselves feel accomplished, we can enjoy ourselves. This internal happiness is considered to be better than the Extrinsic reward. By igniting the spark every day, we can be our best spark plug. There is no elevator for success, and many small steps will achieve significant success, so it is of great importance to have the skill of celebrating accomplishments.

Take action. Do not just daydream!

Devote 10 minutes of your time every day to think about your goals, gather information, and take action. Not much time or money is required to take the first step toward a goal. To move the mountain ten minutes is not enough, but to approach it and see it precisely this time is enough. Gathering information to make a real plan is an alternative to dreaming about our goals. Please do it for forty-five days.  By using our time to research the necessary steps, we will get a dopamine feeling. Having spent ten minutes, we return to living in the present. Kick the habit of constant focus on the future.

Divide an Unpleasant Task Into Small Parts

Make a commitment to spend 10 minutes a day on the dread task. The dread task can be a mess inside our closet or our relationship. Only the willingness to start is enough. You do not need to come up with a solution at first. Try to sort out the mess in your closet just for ten minutes. Tackle your chunks every day. Do not give up for forty-five days. Without a doubt, you are not in control of other people or your closet’s content, but you go on, and your optimistic expectations trigger your dopamine.

Keep Adjusting the Bar

When the level of challenge chosen by us is right, we get good feelings. It is like a basketball hoop too high or too low. When it is too low, there would be no pleasure in scoring a point. When it is too high, there is no reason to try. By adjusting the hoop in our life, we make things fun. Expecting a reward can make our efforts fun.

I suggest reading this book to know about other hormone habits.

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What are the Endorphin habits?



Exercise differently


Make exercise fun

What are your new oxytocin strategies?

Build on “proxy” trust

Place stepping stones

Be trustworthy

Build a trust verification system

Get a massage

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