New Year Tradition For Luck And Prosperity

New Year Tradition For Luck And Prosperity

Hey you beautiful soul, it’s time to let go 2020 and welcome 2021 with compassion, luck and lots of love. But, how?

Don’t worry, I am here to make the new year the best year of your life. Here’s a compilation of 5 traditions from around the world which guarantees luck and prosperity, provided you do as I say 😉

Clean the house!

In South Africa, families discard anything that is old, broken and unusable. You may say what’s new? Most of the people do it. Here’s the catch, in Hillbrow, Johannesburg, people throw their unwanted possessions out from the window! These possessions include anything and everything from clothes, to dishes and even furniture. In recent years, this tradition is slowly disappearing because it is considered a serious health hazard, but there are still a handful of families that practice this cleansing ritual.

Now I am not saying to start throwing your stuff out of the window, but please clean that mess. Get rid of all the unwanted things from your home. Luck needs space, attract it with your actions. It’s time to clean.

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Ring the bell 108 times

In Japan a midnight visit to the temple is an obligatory ritual. What’s interesting is the tradition called Joya no Kane. A custom according to which you must ring the bell exactly 108 times in order to start your new year with a clean slate. According to Japanese Buddhism, humans have a total of 108 desires and these desires include anger, greed and jealousy, therefore you have to ring the bell one time for each desire. On New Year’s Eve, people start ringing the bell from early on in the night and save the last ring for when the clock strikes twelve. Fascinating, right?

If you are not a Buddhist then you can practice your own ritual. A quiet solemn 15 minutes self-reflection with gratitude, compassion and forgiveness. Luck comes to those who has a clear heart devoid of ill-will. Let the universe show its magic. But first, pray, reflect, love and forgive.

Eat and wear round things

In the Philippines, round objects symbolize wealth, prosperity and financial stability, so on New year’s Eve and New Year’s Day people are seen wearing, eating and carrying round things. Additionally they also eat twelve round fruits, one fruit for each month of the coming year. It is said that these traditions will help them attain financial stability and prosperity in the new year.

There’s no harm in trying! Carry some round coins as you walk out for work or your morning walk. We all can learn from each other and their lovely traditions, right?

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12 Grapes For 12 Months

In Spain, when the clock strikes midnight on New Year’s Eve, there’s a tradition to eat twelve grapes for the coming prosperous twelve months. The trick is to eat them within the first minute of the new year.

This is the easiest on the list of New Year’s tradition, do not miss!

In the end, I wish you get the courage to move on. I wish you luck, prosperity and immene happiness. I wish your wishes to come true this 2021. And I wish you follow at least one of these rituals.

Happy New Year 🙂

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