Golconda Fort: Say Hello to India’s acoustic marvel

Golconda Fort: Say Hello To India’S Acoustic Marvel
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Golconda Fort located in central India, Hyderabad was built with an understanding of the compression and amplification of sound.

As you stand inside the grand portico, the hall right under the dome of the fort, you will see and hear people clapping, it’s a way of demonstrating the building’s technologically advanced acoustics.

The best way to experience is from the Bala Hisar pavilion from where the sound of a clap coming from the grand portico, almost a mile away, can be clearly heard. In fact, this is just a glimpse of the architectural wonder. Its real genius is the ability to hear people whispering in Grand Portico while standing at Bala Hisar. If this was not shocking enough, you can also hear the swishing of clothes! Yes, that’s right.

Don’t believe me? Try for yourself. Go with a partner to experience the acoustic wonder.

So what’s the secret? How is this possible?

The answer lies in a series of diminishing sized arches built inside the grand portico. The design and strategic construction of the arches helps to compress the sound waves created under the dome of the portico. It then bounces the sound waves back, amplified enough to reach a distance of up to a mile.

If the layout of the arches helped to create an echo, the materials used in their construction ensured their long distance travel. The fort was built by mixing materials that have sound reflective properties such as shards of clay pots and pans.

The entire structure of the fort supported this magnificent acoustic arrangement. It ensured the smooth and clear travel of sound. In fact, the outer surface of the fort is a solid structure that can reflect sound waves at the same velocity as their origin.

Time to visit Golconda, what say?

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