Depending on what you first see, optical illusion can tell whether you come off as cold or have trust issues

Depending On What You First See, Optical Illusion Can Tell Whether You Come Off As Cold Or Have Trust Issues
📷 @mia_yilin/TikTok

Optical illusions can be incredibly perplexing. The definition of an optical illusion varies from person to person. At times, these illusions tell us something unique about our personalities. The illusion shows facets of our personality that are hidden, but it all depends on what you see first.

A user with the handle @mia_yilin uploaded this optical illusion to TikTok. The post has gained a lot of traction with viewers. They are particularly astounded by how lifelike the illusion appears.

In the picture, a person is seen skating on ice in the moonlight while being surrounded by trees, but if you look closely, the trees start to resemble more like people.

Now the big question is did you initially notice people or the trees?

Depending On What You First See, Optical Illusion Can Tell Whether You Come Off As Cold Or Have Trust Issues
📷 @mia_yilin/TikTok

If you noticed the forest first

If you first encounter the forest, you may appear rather cold to others when you first meet them. However, as you get to know someone more, you develop a tonne of warmth and humour.

In fact, Mia remarked, “Once you like someone, you’ll go out of your way to make them happy. It can irritate you when others don’t return the same effort, but it doesn’t stop you from trying.”

You may be afraid of public speaking, but you can relax more around friends and family, according to Mia.

If you noticed the crowd first

If, however, you were the one to notice the crowd first, you might be more of a people person. People are in awe of your capacity for friendship and networking, Mia stated.

In the end, she said, “you always choose to look on the bright side of things. Sometimes you have trust issues about whether or not people are just friends with you because they want something.”

Mia remarked that this also suggests that some may be envious of your inherent charm, although this doesn’t really bother you.

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