Imperfections: A Poem By Akshaya Pai

Imperfections: A Poem By Akshaya Pai
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When I look into the mirror,
I want to see someone a little slimmer.
People might wish to see someone like me.
We all wish for something or the other.

We all see imperfections,
Whether in the upper, lower, or mid-section.
It has become like a virus,
Or perhaps an infection.

When I look into the mirror,
I see that my hair does not shimmer.
The advertisements have lied to me.
My hope becomes dimmer.

The first thing I always see
Is what looks ugly on me,
And I never do register that 
Perfection is actually a fantasy.

The bodies of women in a magazine
Are often edited to make them look supreme.
And when they aren’t, there’s always surgery
No method to look pretty would be extreme.

We are judged for everything we wear and do,
Do you really believe life is fair and true?
If so, then tell me why the length of our skirt
apparently matters more than our IQ.

We are taught that freedom is for all beings,
And yet, men get away with all their ‘sightseeing’
The court asks us ‘well, what were you wearing?’
Not at all concerned about our well-being.

We are often chosen because of our looks
Yes, looking ‘hot’ lets us off the hook,
But this is not about female privilege,
survival of the prettiest is the rule in the book.

We compete for everything and bring each other down
And all society does is smile not frown
But it’s time we stop staying silent
And put on our crowns.

After all, we have so much to change and so much to give,
If only we stop fighting and let each other live,
By supporting each other and creating a bond,
Let us empower each other and evolve.
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Akshaya Pai

Hi! I’m Akshaya Pai. I love writing stories and poems. I am passionate about mental health, women’s rights, body positivity, and quality education. I am a huge advocate for gender equality! I also enjoy STEM subjects.

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