How much does a royal trip on a luxurious Indian train cost?

How Much Does A Royal Trip On A Luxurious Indian Train Cost?

Are you someone who enjoys taking trains to get around? With the Indian Railways’ extensive network connecting nearly all of India, it is possible to travel anywhere on a budget. But have you ever considered how much a trip on a luxury train in India would cost and what facilities would be available?

A videographer by the name of Kushagra posted a clip of the most expensive ticket for a ride on one of India’s most luxurious trains.

The Maharajas’ Express train travels four routes primarily across Rajasthan in North West and Central India.

Excluding Goods and Services Tax, the most costly train ticket is a staggering Rs 19,90,800. (GST). The ticket entitles you to a presidential suite with a living area that includes couches, a desk, and chairs. Two bedrooms are available, one of which is the master bedroom and has a double bed, and the other has two single beds. The entire train car is taken up by the presidential suite.

Here are some comments from online users:

“I would rather spend it on my first class ticket to travel around the world and come back,” commented a user.

“In 19lakh u can buy an actual property with same amenities and same ambience and more spacious than this. This suit is very very very highly priced,” said another.

“Imagine missing the train,” joked a third.

“It’s beautiful great. But this nowhere seems around 19 lakh,” another user expressed.

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