Secret of the Book Secret Revealed

Secret Of The Book Secret Revealed

Hey you beautiful people reading my beautiful piece. How are you all?

Sounds strange, right? You don’t know me, I don’t know you and here I am writing an article on the secret of the book secret for you all as if I know you all. Beautiful, kind, compassionate beings. Even if you can’t see it, someone somewhere sure can. Hey, that someone is me! I can see the beauty in you.

Let me now come to the point for which you must have clicked on the article. What is the secret?

HAPPINESS. Yes, that’s it and that’s all. Fake it, push and compel yourself to be happy and believe me you will start living the secret. It’s that simple. Smile every day. When things go against you, smile and laugh aloud. Raise your happy vibes so much that no other emotion can interfere with the joyous happy you.

So what makes you happy? Have you ever thought about it?

Ice cream?





Nature walks?


What brings smile on that pretty face?

Comment below and let me know the source of your happiness. Comment now and I will personally guide you in this journey of happy living.

Oh, but wait, did I tell you about me? No?

I am a life coach, yeah, the one you see everywhere, but what is my uniqueness? To know the secret and guarantee you to live that secret.

Comment your source of happiness below, wait for my reply and next article on this series of Secret to the Book Secret.

Love you all beautiful beings. This is Gia, your life coach.

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