These 7 steps will help you cut down on masturbation

These 7 Steps Will Help You Cut Down On Masturbation

Are you a woman who masturbates?

If so, you’re in the majority. According to the American Association of Sex Educators, Counselors, and Therapists, “more than 80% of women report masturbating.”

So what’s the problem? Why should we care if we’re all doing it? Well, for one thing, you might be missing out on some really important opportunities to connect with your body and learn about yourself—opportunities that are hard to come by if you’re just letting yourself go through the motions of sex without any real understanding or insight into what’s happening inside.

We know that feeling disconnected from your body is something that can leave a person feeling lonely and frustrated. And while masturbating isn’t necessarily going to cause any serious physical damage (although there are still risks involved), it can certainly make you feel less connected with others and more alone in general.

But don’t worry! There’s no need to feel bad about this habit—it doesn’t have to be the end of the world if you do it regularly, and there are actually lots of strategies out there that will help you get over it!

1) Cut out all forms of pornography (including your own images)

Limiting the things that make you want to masturbate, particularly pornography, is the first step in cutting back. It is more difficult to refrain from masturbating while seeing these images since they arouse you more instantly than any other type of sexual fantasy. Therefore, if you are serious about cutting down on masturbation, you would have to start by cutting down on pornography.

2) Avoid touching yourself

When you play with your vagina for amusement alone, you are more likely to fall into the trap of masturbation. If you ever have a thought to masturbate, make sure you don’t touch it. Recognize when behaviours and deliberately avoid it.

3) Don’t spend all of your time alone or confined to your room

Excessive masturbating can frequently be triggered by boredom and being alone. Most people masturbate when they are alone. Therefore, spending more time with people and refraining from isolating yourself would be beneficial if you want to reduce the probability of masturbating. Here are few things you can do to avoid staying alone:

  • Take long walks: Long walks are a great method to help your body and mind relax. In case you were unaware, masturbation addiction is a result of unspoken tension and concern about your present situation or an abusive past. Masturbation is frequently the diversion that most men and women select when they don’t want to deal with their troubles. Take that lengthy walk!
  • Exercise: Many people use masturbation as a way to control their emotions and feel more at ease. This is due to the endorphins that are released during orgasms. Exercise is another activity that causes the release of endorphins. Spend more time exercising than masturbating.
  • Stop cancelling meetings with your friends and family and start saying “yes” to meeting new people. Even better is to be the one to schedule those casual coffee dates or movie dates. Simply leave your house and spend time with others around in the sunshine.
  • Get yourself busy: Make an effort to keep yourself active by looking for a job, enrolling in classes, learning a new talent, or attending pottery workshops. The goal is to keep yourself busy so that you spend less time alone than is typically the case.

4) Try mindfulness exercises

You may use mindfulness practices like meditation to help you stay in the present moment and not think about anything else. You can learn how to regulate your thoughts and, more significantly, how to escape the cycle of excessive masturbation if you learn the technique of meditation.

5) Try using an app like Quit Masturbation and Stop M

Quit Masturbation Calendar app is available on Apple Store and Stop M can be downloaded from Google play store. Both the apps are designed to help get rid of any negative feelings associated with masturbation (the app helps users identify the triggers that make them want to masturbate).

6) Join a support group

Being a part of a support group will give you a sense of accountability, which might motivate you to alter your behaviour. Masturbation-related emotions of shame might be lessened by being with individuals who share your problems and aspirations.

7) Recognize your feelings of shame around masturbation

Many people are ashamed of masturbation since it is associated with shame in various cultures. If you set guilt aside and honestly ask yourself why you are doing this, you will be able to address the fundamental issues and understand the driving force behind your addiction to masturbation. What function does masturbation serve? Your response will assist you in reducing your masturbation.

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