Half of the women in Croydon, London, do not feel safe, survey

Half Of The Women In Croydon, London, Do Not Feel Safe, Survey
đź“· Women and girls in Croydon claimed they felt unsafe while waiting for public transportation.

In Croydon, 50 percent of women and girls report feeling unsafe. A more than 1,000-person study revealed that women and girls in the borough did not feel secure when waiting for public transportation, in parks, shopping malls, or on high streets.

Croydon is one of the biggest business districts in Greater London, with a sizable shopping area and a thriving nightlife.

Croydon’s new community safety strategy for 2022-24 reads: “Half of women and girls felt a bit unsafe or not at all safe where they lived (in contrast with one-sixth of young residents). This was mainly because of harassment, sexual assault and personal robbery. 59 per cent had experienced crime and three quarters had witnessed crime.

“Larger district centres in the north and east, such as West Croydon, Thornton Heath, South Norwood and New Addington, as well as Croydon Town Centre, were most frequently mentioned as areas they would avoid. Respondents did not feel safe while travelling or waiting for public transport, in parks, shopping centres and high streets, as well as in pubs, bars and clubs.”

Jason Perry, Croydon’s executive mayor said: “Women and girls in Croydon have the right to feel safe going about their everyday lives. The council can and will play a leading role in creating this environment and our statement of intent clearly signals that there is no room for violence or harassment in our borough.

“We are determined to keep working with the police and local partners, but also closely involve our communities, as we deliver solutions to keep women and girls safe. We are also aware of the need for wider cultural change within our society and are firmly committed to continue challenging the perpetrators of violence, tackling problematic mindsets and behaviour wherever we encounter them.”

In response to the issues brought up, Croydon Council is anticipated to publicly commit to enhancing women’s safety in the borough. A “statement of intent” is expected from Mayor Perry at the upcoming cabinet meeting. However, following the passing of The Queen, the authorities decided to postpone the meeting, which was scheduled for Wednesday, September 14.

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