Can you see a woman hidden in this optical illusion? Sensitivity test!

Can You See A Woman Hidden In This Optical Illusion? Sensitivity Test!
📷 Optical illusion of Berehynia (Image: Oleg Shuplyak)

Oleg Shuplyak’s 1991 oil painting portrays a wooded landscape with trees rising from each bank of a river. However, there is more to the river and tree optical illusion than meets the eye at first glance. Only those with a keen eye for detail will see a risqué figure of a naked lady buried in the image.

If you look attentively at the optical illusion shown below, you might notice that the white space in between the tree trunks and branches gives the impression that there is a stunning silhouette of a naked lady standing in the centre of the image.

Can You See A Woman Hidden In This Optical Illusion? Sensitivity Test!
Optical illusion of Berehynia (Image courtesy: Oleg Shuplyak)

If I can find the hidden figure, what does it mean?

This optical illusion is claimed to represent the image of Berehynia, a mermaid who was worshipped in ancient Slavic religion.

In Eastern Slavic mythology, Berehynia was revered as a virgin soul, a bountiful mother, and a protector of waterways like rivers and lakes.

You are an empath if you were able to identify the concealed image of a naked lady from the optical illusion. Being able to view the picture indicates that you are a pure spirit and are “divinely protected,” according to the Minds Journal.

You are one of the few selected individuals who can serve as another person’s guardian spirit.

Hey, did we mention that the goal is to spot the hidden figure in within five seconds? That’s correct. Only then are you capable of having heightened sensitivity and being an empath.

Optical Illusions

Since the dawn of time, optical illusions have intrigued people because they put our brains’ natural ability to evaluate information to the test. Similar to how we view the outer world, our brains retain what it deems to be significant while filtering out irrelevant information while looking at abstract images.

The brain is forced to abandon this essential strategy by an optical illusion, which leaves individuals perplexed when they discover there are several ways to see a picture.

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