Sweden shows a direct correlation between Immigration and crime

Sweden Shows A Direct Correlation Between Immigration And Crime
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Authorities in Sweden have revealed that there have been an estimated 500 explosions since 2018, a record 124 homicides, and more than 100 police officers injured in violent riots in April 2022, alarming both its population and people around the world.

The rise in crime in Sweden is not an outlier in Europe; homicide rates have increased during the past ten years in every country in the European Union, from Hungary and Germany to Denmark and Finland. RealClearInvestigations‘ examination of crime statistics from the EU and the UN reveals that, like in Sweden, the overall crime wave is highly correlated with immigration.

“The country-level data for EU countries keeps track of immigration data that allows you to look at many different places over time in a way that we simply aren’t able to do looking across U.S. states,” said Carl Moody, an economics professor at William & Mary College who specializes in criminology. 

A total of 41 million people are estimated to have moved to the European Union between 2012 and 2021; of them, 3.8 million, or over 9%, are thought to have done so illegally. Between 2012 and 2019, Sweden welcomed roughly 130,000 people year, the majority of whom were legal, before the country started limiting immigration in that year.

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Former Swedish Prime Minister Magdalena Andersson has said that the failure of the country to integrate immigrants, whose numbers have nearly doubled to two million over the past 20 years (or about 20% of the overall population), is to blame for the country’s growing gang and violence issues. Linda H. Staaf, the head of Sweden’s intelligence service, told the BBC in 2019 that many criminals had a similar profile. “They have grown up in Sweden and they are from socio-economically weak groups, socio-economically weak areas, and many are perhaps second- or third-generation immigrants,” she said.

Professor of sociology Göran Adamson of Sweden published a crime study in 2020 that unmistakably linked immigration to crime. It was found that 58% of criminal suspects in Sweden between 2002 and 2017 were immigrants. This percentage increased for robberies, where immigrants were suspected in 70% of the instances, and for murder, attempted murder, and manslaughter, where they were identified as suspects in 73% of the cases.

In his study, Adamson advised Swedes to assess the situation objectively, contending that viewing things through a politically sensitive, multicultural lens obscures the situation and undercuts potential policy solutions.

“Social democratic views of the 1960s are now considered far right-wing – a psychological trauma as if straight out of an Ingmar Bergman movie,” Adamson wrote, adding that “anti-intellectualism has defined Swedish migration discourse for decades.”

To read the full report visit: RealClear Investigations

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