Taliban says ‘Men and women cannot work together’; Sharia law doesn’t allow it

Taliban Says ‘Men And Women Cannot Work Together’; Sharia Law Doesn’T Allow It

Waheedullah Hashimi, a senior figure in the Taliban who is close to the leadership, told Reuters the group would fully implement its version of sharia, or Islamic law, despite pressure from the international community to allow women the right to work where they want.

He said Afghan women should not be allowed to work alongside men, which means women will be effectively barred from employment in government offices, banks, media companies and beyond.

Taliban officials have earlier said women would be able to work and study within the limits laid down by sharia.

But there has been widespread uncertainty about what practical effect that will have on their ability to keep their jobs. When the Taliban last ruled Afghanistan from 1996-2001, women were barred from employment and education.

“We have fought for almost 40 years to bring (the) sharia law system to Afghanistan,” Hashimi said in an interview. “Sharia … does not allow men and women to get together or sit together under one roof.

“Men and women cannot work together. That is clear. They are not allowed to come to our offices and work in our ministries.”

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