The Reason Why Men Should Join the Feminist Movement Too

The Reason Why Men Should Join The Feminist Movement Too

Recently, I have been writing an op-ed about feminism and politics and sending it to some online portals. Right after they publish it, I always put the link in my social media bio (Instagram). I tracked the website clicks. The result was that most people on my social media prefer to read my writing on politics rather than feminism.

My followers consist of a diverse community. Mostly, they come from Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, Algeria, Tunisia, Turkey, The United States, Brazil, Ukraine, and other countries. The point is that it does not only stick to a country with its characteristics and culture. It means most people in my social media that come from many places do not like feminism. But, is it really most people? Or is it just most men in my social media that are not interested in feminism so that the website clicks decreased?

Out of my curiosity, I made another mini-research. I asked my followers why that case could happen. Most men said that feminism only represents women so it has a bias opinion. Some others would say that feminism has a bad representation that threatens men. While women, they said that men could not relate to the problem that women face every day. Those conclude why men do not want to be a part of feminism. They see feminism as a woman thing. However, I can assure you that those are not true. Indeed, men will also benefit from the feminist movement.

Exclusively for Women

Most men would feel that they do not belong to feminism because they do not feel represented. Feminism is seen as a movement to equal women’s dignity and opportunity. Maybe, it could be right if that is the first wave of feminism. But, we are in 2020 that feminism itself has changed its form. This is all because a movement is a tool to make the status quo better. Movement is dynamic and adaptive just like human.

Feminism is an umbrella for gender equality. When it comes to gender equality, it does not only belong to women empowerment but also any gender empowerment. Look at the movement that feminism brings these days such as body positivity and toxic masculinity. Body positivity does not belong to women only. It belongs to any gender. It amplifies acceptance for who we are. Men also suffer from accepting their body.  I guess everyone does.

Toxic masculinity is indeed for men. It is to show that emotion is not weakness; instead, it shows that we are human and being masculine does not mean suppress the emotion. So, it is clear that men should also feel represented in the feminist movement. This is not only about women but also about making a better society, equal justice for all.

Me Too Movement

Me Too movement is a movement to give consequences such as losing a job or social judgment to the perpetrator with the assault and harassment they have done. It is intended to give support to the victims and to stop victim-blaming. The fact is that most perpetrators are men who are in power. Most of the victims are vulnerable women. Then, suddenly people are afraid of the Me Too movement will threaten men as a whole and cause them to run away from the feminist movement or seeing the feminist movement as anti-men.

However, there is a logical fallacy here. If men do not harass or assault, then they will not get social punishment in Me Too movement. That is true that not all men are rapist the same thing with not all drivers are drunk, but the message does apply for everyone. There is nothing to be afraid of for men joining the feminist movement. Me Too movement that is the part of the feminist movement is not a threat for men. Indeed it is to tell people that boys will not be boys, boys will be accountable for what they are doing. Boys will be men, just like girls will be women. We all will grow up and be responsible. Doesn’t it sound good for everyone?


Rape and violence are most cases related to the feminist movement these days. A lot of women become victims of domestic violence in this pandemic. However, it is not a rivalry which gender is better or which gender is the villain. Instead, the feminist movement is a safe space to have conversations towards all gender to speak up and make the world to be better. Imagine, if more men join the movement and they can tell their fellow men to respect each gender and prevent the violence, rape, or assault that might happen, we will have a beautiful world, safer and more peaceful.

After all, feminism is not about putting women higher than men. Feminism exists to equal the inequalities, to just the injustice. Nowadays, the problems that are faced by women are not exclusively for women. The problems are real and we have to solve them together, not adding more problems by putting each other’s down. In doing so, together is better, together is stronger. Both men and women want the same thing in life, to be happy and peaceful. We all are just human being that needs to survive in this world. So, let make this world to be nicer for us all.

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