A Letter To My Sisters!

A Letter To My Sisters!
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I used to have a specific type that I was attracted to until I got married and then divorced after being with someone I loved unconditionally for 16 years. I still love him, but now I love him for who he is and not what I wanted him to be.

We must realize that great looks are simply what they are. It’s not going to get us through difficult times, low seasons, painful seasons, broken seasons, lost seasons, crazy seasons, stolen seasons, downtime seasons, insecure seasons, selfish seasons, incompetent seasons, or anything else for that matter.

People are great people, but sometimes being great isn’t enough for who you are called to become. In order to capture my attention, you must have a heart aligned with mine. It must serve a deeper purpose that goes hand in hand with my destiny. You must be able to see my vision when I don’t. You must be able to pull me along when I can’t. You must be able to talk to God when I can’t. And, you better believe you will get that and some from me.

God didn’t create us to be alone, but he wants us to wait until we’ve developed and have prepared for the blessing that he is giving us. During this season of my life, I pay more attention to what people say and do. I do not judge them, but I use the information collected to decide how to incorporate them into my life.

We all have flaws, but we must determine which flaws we can effectively align with our own. When someone departs my life, I trust that God will replace them with someone who better aligns with my life, my destiny, my downfalls, and most importantly, my children. So, if I have to wait another year, I’m okay with that. When you have children, loneliness doesn’t exist for too long. Just because he admires you and chases you doesn’t mean he’s compatible. It just means he’s down to play the game.

Stop dating every man you meet. Stop allowing your kids to call every man they meet “DADDY!” Let’s Break Cycles and Curses! Lust isn’t LOVE & LOVE isn’t lust!

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