Hadis Najafi, 20, shot dead by security forces in Iran

Hadis Najafi, 20, Shot Dead By Security Forces In Iran
📷 Hadis Najafi, 20, was killed by security forces during protests in Karaj, Iran.
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Iranians are still protesting Mahsa Amini’s death after the morality police detained her, but a new uproar has been started after a female protester was killed by security personnel.

According to Iranian journalist Farzad Seifikaran, who was quoted by Al Arabiya, Hadis Najafi, 20, died from her wounds after being shot multiple times in the face and neck during protests last week in Karaj city.

Six bullets were said to have been fired at Najafi, striking her in the face, neck, and chest. She is one of the few dozen victims that were brutally murdered by Iran’s tyrannical Islamic government. According to reports, Najafi was furious at Mahsa Amini’s suffering and demise.

Video of Najafi’s funeral was made public on Sunday by her family.

“She was only 20 years old. Her heart was broken for Mahsa Amini. She indicated that she would not be silent. “They killed her with six bullets,” exiled Iranian activist Masih Alinejad quoted Najafi’s sister as saying.

According to reports, Iran has detained more than 1,200 demonstrators as part of its brutal crackdown on ten nights of unrest sparked by indignation over the death of Mahsa Amini, a Kurdish woman, while in the custody of the infamous morality police.

At least 41 people have been killed as Iran continues to repress widespread protests spurred by the death of Amini, 22, after her imprisonment for reportedly flouting the country’s strict laws regarding hijab headscarves and modest attire, as per AFP.

A day after the European Union criticised the “widespread and disproportionate use of force,” Tehran summoned the ambassadors of Britain and Norway as relations between the Islamic republic and Western countries deteriorated. Germany also summoned Iran’s ambassador.

Mahsa Amini’s death

Mahsa Amini, a 22-year-old Iranian woman, died on September 16 in Tehran after being beaten by the Morality Police for wearing ‘improper hijab.’ According to official sources, Amini died in hospital.

On September 13, Mahsa Amini was declared brain dead, just hours after being arrested by Tehran’s Morality Police for “improper hijab.” She was arrested by police and then beaten in the police van while being driven to a detention centre for a “re-education class” for not wearing the country’s mandatory hijab.

Iran has seen protests in the aftermath of her death. Videos have emerged of women cutting their hair and burning their hijab in protest of Iran’s compulsory hijab law.

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