Louis Vuitton is set to release a gold studded face shield to protect its buyers from the virus

Louis Vuitton Is Set To Release A Gold Studded Face Shield To Protect Its Buyers From The Virus

Louis Vuitton came to rescue its luxury buyers with a stylish gold studded face shield to protect them from the coronavirus. The French fashion house said in a statement, the luxury face shield by Louis Vuitton is “both stylish and protective.”

The LV Shield transitions from clear to dark in sunlight, protecting wearers from the sun. It has golden studs engraved with Louis Vuitton’s brand name and an elastic, monogrammed headband. According to the label, the visor can also be worn upward as a classic peaked cap.

The prices are yet to be announced, but as a luxury fashion brand, it’s likely to be at high end. On October 30, the face shield will be sold online and at select Louis Vuitton stores.

Featured image: CNN

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