Top 7 quintessential houseboat experience in India that you must not miss

Top 7 Quintessential Houseboat Experience In India That You Must Not Miss

Houseboats provide a truly unique experience. They offer you the chance to escape the bustle of cities and see nature in its unadulterated state. However, Srinagar and Kerala come to mind as the top two destinations while thinking about a houseboat trip. But now, there are tranquil areas all around the country that provide comparable houseboat experiences. These places are unique in their own right and are gaining popularity over time.

Top 7 places in India to experience life on a houseboat

1. Kerala

Top 7 Quintessential Houseboat Experience In India That You Must Not Miss
📷 Kerala

Kerala is the most sought-after location for houseboat cruises and backwaters. Kettuvallam, or traditional houseboats in Kerala, are well-known for overnight stays and quick backwater excursions. They come with all the latest conveniences, a bedroom, a kitchen, and a balcony for fishing. Kollam, Alappuzha, and Vembanad are locations where you can enjoy a houseboat holiday.

In addition to its backwaters, Kerala is famed for its amazing scenery, diverse vegetation, and of course, houseboats.

2. Assam

Top 7 Quintessential Houseboat Experience In India That You Must Not Miss
📷 Assam

Assam is a stunning location in Northeast India and is well-known for the River Brahmaputra and tea. And the major activities available here are houseboat rides and cruise, where you can see the beauty of the river.

Navagraha Temple, Bhuvaneshwari Temple, Majuli Island, and many other well-known tourist attractions will be included in your houseboat tour.

3. Udupi, Karnataka

Top 7 Quintessential Houseboat Experience In India That You Must Not Miss
📷 Udupi

The Swarna River is the only backwater with a houseboat option in Karnataka. The houseboats in this location are quite similar to the classic houseboats in Kerala, and they are furnished with every convenience and safety feature. It is a must-see if you want to experience Karnataka’s backwaters, and the journey passes via a variety of picturesque villages, fields, and other locations.

4. Srinagar

Srinagar Houseboat
📷 srinagar

Srinagar is one of the beautiful spots to enjoy houseboat rides, and Dal Lake needs no introduction. The houseboats on this lake are the major attractions of Srinagar; a reason being that houseboats are unique in designs, mostly adorned with delicate carvings on the wood, and also reflect the culture of the land. Even though these boats look traditional, they come fitted with all the modern and luxury amenities.

5. Tarkarli, Maharashtra

Tarkali Houseboat
📷 Tarkarli

The location boasts of being Maharashtra’s sole backwater location. This charming town is a must-see destination because of its coral beach. If you want to take a leisurely vacation in Maharashtra, go to Tarkali, where houseboat tours are the most popular and highly advised. Along with exploring the backwaters, you may visit a variety of beaches while on a houseboat. You may enjoy traditional Malvani cuisine in these luxurious houseboats, which also have upscale amenities. There are several places that offer water sports like scuba diving and snorkelling if you wish to enjoy. Alternately, you can choose a calmer trip during which dolphins will swim close to your houseboat.

6. Goa

Goa Houseboat
📷 Goa

You can select houseboat tours on the Mandovi and Chapora rivers when visiting Goa. The most popular houseboat schedule involves a day cruise around a backwater, followed by an evening party on board. However, one can also select private little houseboats for a romantic getaway. While Goan cuisine continues to be the main attraction while visiting, houseboat itineraries are typically combined with water sports. Regarding the route, the trip will pass by forts, monuments, and fishermen’s villages.

7. Houseboat Chunnambar, Pondicherry

📷 Chunnambar

You can experience city life, cobblestone streets, and much more on a houseboat cruise in Pondicherry. houseboat cruise is considered a luxury option here.  Very roomy floating luxury boats are available for spending romantic time with your special someone. A lot of luxury houseboat providers will personalise the boat to give your trip more flare. The majority of the houseboats have French-inspired architecture and furnishings.

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