Single ladies, I just want to say: You’re all worthy and deserve to be loved. Your king is coming. Don’t give up!

Single Ladies, I Just Want To Say: You’Re All Worthy And Deserve To Be Loved. Your King Is Coming. Don’T Give Up!

Dear single ladies,

Being single is tough.

I mean, you have to deal with the constant comparison to other singles—to your friends, who are married and have kids and don’t seem to have time to make dinner; to couples around you that seem so much happier than you; even to yourself. And then there’s the pressure to keep up with the Joneses. You know, because your standards are high, right?

And let’s be honest: society as a whole kind of expects us single ladies to be miserable and disappointed in ourselves for not being married. We’re supposed to be sad about it all the time! So what does that leave us with?

The answer? You deserve love, and you deserve it from someone who will give it back in full measure. Because we ARE amazing humans who deserve happiness as much as anyone else out there. And when we find that happiness, we give it away—and that’s what makes us truly worth loving.

I know, I know. When you’re single, it’s easy to feel like the universe is conspiring against you. You might compare yourself to others or even try to be someone else in the hopes of feeling more accepted. But guess what? We’ve all been there. And now that we’re all a little older, we know that our experiences were so much more common than they are now.

But hey, don’t worry about it!

I’m here to tell you that your king is coming—and he’s bringing his royal standards with him. You’re worthy of love just as much as any other human being in this world—and if you believe that strongly enough and make the decision to keep moving forward in your life with the goal of finding someone who will love you back (and vice versa), then I guarantee that someday soon, your prince will come along and sweep you off your feet with his magical powers of attraction!

From a single lady to my dear fellow single ladies,

Let’s conspire the world to find our dream man without compromising our standards and help us to feel that we too deserve to be loved.


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Occasional writer and professional historian. André Anastasia, y’all.

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