Questions I get as a Law of Attraction coach

Questions I Get As A Law Of Attraction Coach

In this article I thought to share some of the common questions that I receive in a hope that those who can’t take personal service or are hesitant in contacting they will get an idea about their problems. So here is the list of Law of Attraction questions.

1. How long does it take to manifest?

To be honest, there’s no time line. It all depends on how aligned you are. In simple words how happy, joyful, excited you feel every day. The more joy you will bring in your life, the more close you are to the dream reality. I know most of the coaches you may see online will say that it can take over a year, but I want you to believe that it doesn’t have to take that long. You can manifests in minutes and even in seconds. If you have been following my articles here, you would know I always talk about the importance of feeling good. When you are in your happiest state, you must visualise, wish your dream life in exactly that moment, and you are bound to manifest it.

So, be happy. Or at least always make an attempt to shift your thoughts from negative to positive.

2. I can’t visualise, what to do?

Here’s a thing, you can visualise, but the stories of crystal clear visualization that you often hear of has convinced you that you can’t. Let me spill the secret, we can’t see it as an HD film, we just have to imagine the best we can. The idea behind visualization is again to feel good when we see ourselves imagining things we want to achieve in life. So again what is the trick? TO FEEL GOOD.

Don’t panic if you can’t visualise. Wish for it, happily wish for it or write it down, script your reality and if nothing works then just incorporate gratitude. SAY THANK YOU. As much and as often as you can. Just say, THANK YOU.

3. Does it really work?

Yes, it does. It works every time. Whether you believe it or not, but wherever you are, however you are it’s all because of consitent thoughts you have been thinking all your life. Change your thoughts, change your life. If you are someone who feels the world is plotting against you? Guess what, you will be surrounded by situation, people who will plot against you. If you are someone who feels hard work is the only way to success then that’s it, that’s your truth and it shall be. You won’t get anything easily. You would have to work hard to get it. And then maybe you’ll be grumpy seeing how others achieve everything so easily? I hope you do know how? They never conditioned themselves with the false belief of hard work. This may infuriate some, but hey, this is the reality.

What you persistently think, you get that. You can choose to think positive or negative based on what you want in life. The choice is yours.

4. I have been trying so hard, it just doesn’t work for me

If you are this person then it’s time for you to LET GO. This letting go will be the toughest for people who have done all the steps, methods of manifesting because they have put in so much efforts that they are attached with their wish, with the manifestation and that is stopping the manifestation to actually take place. Please know, the more you’ll be attached with it and you won’t see it coming, the more you’ll be frustrated. This will delay your manifestation process. What you can do is try focussing your attention on a new activity which helps you to take your mind away from what you want to manifest. You really have to let go.

5. How to know the manifestation is coming?

If you no longer care about the manifestation to happen, it’s definitely on the way. You feel good and are able to cheer yourself up amidst chaos. You know things will get better because you believe in the power of universe, this doesn’t mean you’ll stop taking actions. You know the importance of actions and still are content that your manifestation is around the corner. You would just know.

That’s it for now. These were the questions my clients often ask if you have any please leave in the comment section below or contact me on my Instagram handle @soulmagicforyou.

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