The First Steps Towards Turning Dreams Into Reality

The First Steps Towards Turning Dreams Into Reality

This Is Your “Sign”

If you were looking for a “sign” to start whatever it is that you desire in your heart, this is your “sign” to stop waiting and to start taking action towards your goals.

What Do You Want To Aspire Towards?

First, it is important to know what you aspire to accomplish. For instance, many people dream of being their own boss but aren’t ready to commit hours, days, months, or years of hard work towards that dream. If you can’t picture yourself dedicating time and energy to work on your goals, then you will not go far. As women, we are sometimes taught to place our wants and needs secondarily to others including family, children, romantic partners, or employers. A woman’s inner voice can quickly be muted and sometimes we have to remember how we can unmute it. It may not happen overnight, but it’s worth working towards. Spending time to reflect with yourself can be very helpful.

Nearly five years ago, I made the decision to finish my bachelor’s degree after dropping out of University in 2010. At first, classes went well. As soon as my higher-level classes started, I was quickly falling behind and unable to keep up with studies. It was like reading a foreign language with minimal to no guidance. This was a repeating theme and I knew something was wrong. After failing and withdrawing from too many classes, I had to take time to re-evaluate my goals.

I decided to become an English major with a focus in Creative Writing. I was able to study various genres of literature, attend writing workshops where my creative writing skills flourished, and I had the opportunity to work at the University’s writing center where I made many friends and discovered a career path I enjoyed. After changing my major, I graduated with my bachelor’s degree from Cleveland State University in May of 2019 and I made the Dean’s List my graduating semester.

If I had never made that choice to return to University, I can’t say I would know where I would be now. Life is too short to be scared to change. Life is also too short to deny any dream of a better life.

If you have absolutely no idea where to start, then you could try asking yourself some questions:

1. What can I spend hours doing that I enjoy every minute of?

2. What have I always wanted to try but have never done before?

3. Do I enjoy helping others or dream of a better world?

4. Should I try something that I have failed at with a fresh perspective?

5. Is there something I have wanted for a long time that I have kept putting on the backburner?

Final Thoughts

If you don’t start today, when will you start? You can make the choice to start today. There is no timeframe, despite what modern society may tell us, towards going after our dreams. Don’t be afraid to change course and try a different approach towards your goals.

Are you afraid of failure? Keep in mind that the only time you truly “fail” is if you stop trying. Lastly, ignore any naysayers. Go after your dreams, stay accountable in your decision, and commit to your goals. Don’t let anyone take away your determination to succeed.

Featured image: Joelvalve/Unsplash

By Dena Elerian

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