5 tips to Boost your Self- Confidence Now

5 Tips To Boost Your Self- Confidence Now
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I woke up in the morning, brushed my teeth and looked into the mirror and could not recognize myself. At that point, I felt like an urge to run away from my life. I looked into the mirror and saw my eyes red and lips burn in disgust as I refused to see myself again. I felt something wrong in me. Is it the way I am? The way I dress? Or maybe my body? We all have been there at some point in our life. Right? A little sad boost and under confident about everything that came our way. Yet gaining confidence and believing in you is the best way to success. If you don’t believe me, then just read below the tips that would help you to boost your confidence.

1. Stay away from negativity

This is an important factor as toxic people can include anyone, be it your cousin or your friends. If someone is bringing you down or making comments that are hurting you in some way then you need to make it stop. If someone is constantly making you question yourself then let them go. Positivity can only come to you if you want to bring a change in you and listen to your inner self. Accept yourself the way you are. Nobody is perfect so think about the positive things that matter to you. Maybe some of your achievements that would help you to gain confidence. Think about the solutions rather than the problems in your life.

2. Dress well, eat healthy, smile and repeat

Many of us do not understand the fact that impression plays an important role in our life. In an interview or an event when a person looks straight into our eyes that give the impression that the person is confident and knows exactly what he is doing. Dressing up well and looking your best boosts our confidence. Eating healthy makes us fit so when you look good you automatically feel good. A grumpy face is a complete no-no for everyone. In fact, smiling would not only make you feel good but even a survey says that people who smile and talk shows their self-confidence.

3. All iz well

Never give up on you. We are all filled with positive and negative thoughts. Yet, sometimes we feel that we are not good enough, aren’t attractive enough, smart enough and so on. This thought can bring us down. The next time you hear a negative thought just say the words “All Iz Well” and trust me that would help you to gain confidence.

4. Be well researched and prepared

Being well researched about your field automatically gains your confidence. Make notes on your to-do list that you want to conquer. There is a lot to achieve so don’t give up so easily.

5. For tough times, Create your list:

Life is full of challenges and it is difficult to keep your self-confidence up all the time. Just a take a deep breath and make a list of the things that you are thankful for, another list that talks about the things – maybe your achievements. You can stick them on your walls or own your refrigerator door. This would remind you of all those amazing things you have done in your life.

Lastly, Just look into the mirror and smile and let yourself be inspired all over again by you.

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By Poonam Chatterjee

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