Boris Johnson Says Transgenders Should Not Compete In Female Sports

Boris Johnson Says Transgenders Should Not Compete In Female Sports

Boris Johnson, the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, said transgenders should not compete in female sports. Views he admits are “controversial.”

“I don’t think that biological males should be competing in female sporting events.”

“And maybe that’s a controversial thing … but it just seems to me to be sensible,” Johnson said during a visit to a hospital in Welwyn Garden City, PA media reported.

The Prime Minister also stated that parents should have “at the very least” “involvement” in their children’s decision to change their gender.

Boris Johnson emphasised that women should have spaces in hospitals, prisons, and changing rooms “dedicated to women.”

“That’s as far as my thinking has developed on this issue. If that puts me in conflict with some others, then we have got to work it all out, ” he added.

‘That doesn’t mean that I’m not immensely sympathetic to people who want to change gender, to transition.

‘It’s vital that we give people the maximum possible love and support in making those decisions.

‘But these are complex issues, and I don’t think they can be solved with one swift, easy piece of legislation. It takes a lot of thought to get this right.’

Johnson’s remarks came days after a transgender racer Emily Bridges said she was “harassed and demonized” by the media after the UCI, the global cycling governing body, determined she couldn’t compete in the National Omnium Championships in the United Kingdom.

According to campaigners, women and girls are dropping out of recreational sports across the UK. Mostly because women are being encouraged to play against transgender women who were born male.

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