Love Test: What you see first reveals your hidden fear in a romantic relationship

Love Test: What You See First Reveals Your Hidden Fear In A Romantic Relationship
📷 Optical Illusion By Artist Oleg Shupliak

Oleg Shupliak, an artist, devised the above optical illusion love test to give us a glimpse into our behavior, including our secret anxiety or hidden nightmare of falling in love or being in a romantic relationship. Oleg Shupliak is a well-known artist who creates a variety of faces and individuals in his collection of concealed paintings. It is said that the person or face that immediately catches your attention when you first glance at a painting reveals a lot about your hidden fears in a romantic relationship.

Optical illusions always provide fascinating insights into how our brains function. Specific color, light, and pattern combinations can fool our brains into seeing something that isn’t there. So, what did you notice first in this optical illusion love test?


What did you see first In This Love Test?

  1. A Woman
  2. The Soldiers on Horseback
  3. A Horse
  4. Soldiers in the Background

The first image you see in this optical illusion refers to secret fears or hidden nightmares about your love life or romantic relationships. Each of these reveals something about how you approach love.

1. A Woman: Fear of losing sleep when in love

If a woman is the first thing you notice in this optical illusion, losing sleep is your secret romantic nightmare. Your Tango asserts, “You can’t help yourself. You’re a sensible person and a person who has always taken sleep extremely seriously. You’re so blissed out to be so in love, but pretty fast you start to fear that you’ll have to pick between love and sleep, and you worry sleep could win!

This implies that you have achieved the ideal harmony between your dream and the real world. And only because of this, the idea of starting a romantic relationship both thrills and terrifies you.

2. The Mounted Soldiers: Fear To Keep Up The Appearances In Love

Your biggest fear is keeping up appearances if the first image you noticed in this optical illusion was of the mounted soldiers. You understand when you fall in love that your spouse won’t leave you because you didn’t shave your legs or skip a shower, but you still feel pressured to maintain the appearance of being a perfect woman at all times.

The troops in the optical illusion image stand in for alertness. Therefore, this can be a signal for you to occasionally let your guard down and lessen your inhibitions. It might occasionally be hard to feel your best around a new lover, but you must keep in mind that your relationship won’t terminate because of your appearance.

3. A Horse: The Fear of Being Rejected in Love

If you first notice the image of a horse in the centre, it indicates that your worst fear when it comes to falling in love is being rejected. “You want nothing more than to abandon yourself to the thralls of desire, but you can’t help but think of all the times you have fallen in love before, times when it didn’t work out, and you were instead left hurt and rejected,” Your Tango writes.

Many individuals struggle with the fear of rejection. This also implies that expressing your feelings while expecting others to do the same might be nerve-wracking. Therefore, going with the flow and letting things unfold as they should is the best way to overcome this phobia.

4. Background Soldiers: Fear of Playing Love Games

If the first thing you noticed was a background image of soldiers, it is likely that your secret fear of falling in love involves playing games. Your Tango continues, “The moment you decide you are in love, you lose all of your pretenses.” When you fall in love, you have no problem exposing all of your vulnerabilities; you do it each time and anticipate the same in return. You can’t help but become disinterested as soon as you merely catch a whiff of someone playing games.

This means that letting down your guard is difficult for others, but not for you. This also implies that you are sensitive when dealing with a lover who maintains their walls.

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