A Danish man gets detained in France after his wife’s dead body was discovered inside a fridge

A Danish Man Gets Detained In France After His Wife’S Dead Body Was Discovered Inside A Fridge

On Tuesday, a Danish man was brought before a judge in southern France on charges that he killed his wife and placed her body in a fridge, according to the prosecution.

The local Nice-Matin newspaper reports that the suspect was detained early on Sunday after police spied on his home in Mandelieu-la-Napoule, on the French Riviera, just outside Cannes.

They became aware of the situation when two of the Dane’s associates said that he ordered them to move the fridge to a landfill and smelled noxious gas coming from behind the padlocked door.

The two men pushed the fridge open after the suspect said he had murdered a dog, but the local prosecutor’s office claimed they also discovered a “human body” inside.

Sunday’s autopsy revealed that she had been shot.

Prosecutors added, “The victim has not yet been formally recognised, but the investigation and the autopsy suggest that it is the suspect’s wife,” adding that more tests were being conducted.

At the suspect’s residence, police discovered multiple loaded firearms, cocaine, hash, and a puppy’s body in a freezer.

Although the man “made no explanations” during questioning, a psychiatric evaluation revealed no mental health issues that would preclude him from standing trial, according to the prosecution.

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