Heartbreak! Inside Rosalía and Rauw Alejandro’s Romantic Split

Heartbreak! Inside Rosalía And Rauw Alejandro’S Romantic Split

As the shocking news of Rosalía and Rauw Alejandro parting ways after their engagement rippled through the global music community on Tuesday, one could sense the emotions of the Spanish singer, notably during her recent performance.

Rosalía, 30, electrified the stage at Lollapalooza Paris. Yet, an emotional undercurrent was palpable when she performed her song “Hentai.” Her emotions welled up during this heartfelt performance, leading the crowd to chime in, creating a unique, shared moment of the sensual ballad.

Several fans present at the concert captured videos of Rosalía wiping away tears as she presented an emotionally charged piano version of “Hentai.” The audience became a supportive chorus, helping her through moments when she paused to regain composure. Their overwhelming support elicited smiles from the visibly moved Rosalía.

While the emotional display was days before the split’s revelation, this performance marked the end of Rosalía’s worldwide Motomami Tour. Such a landmark event in her career, coupled with personal circumstances, understandably stirred up a torrent of emotions.

PEOPLE confirmed on Tuesday that the three-year-long relationship of Rosalía and Rauw Alejandro, also 30, had come to an end. The couple had declared their engagement just months ago in March.

Reliable sources shared with PEOPLE that the decision to call off the engagement was mutual and stemmed from a place of deep respect and affection for one another.

Rumors around Rosalía and Alejandro’s romantic involvement first began in August 2021, gaining more traction when they went public on their social media accounts the following month.

In an intimate reveal to Teen Vogue in March 2022, Rosalía shared that she had “RR” tattooed on her foot. She had informed Alejandro beforehand, a symbol of the initials they both shared (Alejandro’s actual last name is Ruiz). Adding to their mutual affection, Alejandro got “Rosalía” tattooed above his navel the following month.

In the same month, their joint music video for the song “Beso” from their collective EP RR disclosed their engagement. They both shared insights into their relationship dynamics in a Billboard interview, discussing the other’s influence on their work and life.

Alejandro lauded Rosalía’s discipline, sharing how her methodical approach to music inspired him. In return, Rosalía highlighted Alejandro’s laid-back nature, which helped her maintain equilibrium in her life and career.

“Of course my career is super important in my life, but at the same time, in my life, you’re my companion, and everything else comes second,” she told Alejandro in a heartfelt moment during the interview.

This story of love and music resonates with many, a testament to their shared journey and emotional honesty on and off the stage.

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