Spain’s Latest Crime: ‘Needle Spiking’ Attacks On Women

Spain’S Latest Crime: ‘Needle Spiking’ Attacks On Women

Following similar incidents in the United Kingdom and France, Spanish authorities are looking into a series of cases involving women being injected with possibly spiked syringes in crowded clubs.

The attacks have been reported to police or on social media in recent weeks, raising concerns that sexual predators may have discovered a new method of spiking drinks to prey on women.

According to Spanish police, no traces of drugs or other toxic products were found, and no cases of sexual violence were reported.

However, there have been 23 reports of ‘needle spiking’ in Catalonia and 12 in the Basque Country.

When young women are partying, they feel a needle prick in their arm or leg and become dizzy or drowsy, according to Basque police.

The police have asked people to report such incidents and have advised that those who have been targeted go to a health centre as soon as possible.

Spain recorded its first attacks during the Pamplona bull-running festival, while France reported a rash of “needle spiking” cases this year and Britain in 2021.

In June, the French Interior Ministry launched a national awareness campaign, with clubgoers expressing their fear on social media and media coverage escalating anxiety.

Following a spike in such incidents last year, the British parliament issued a report on drink and needle spiking in pubs and clubs in April.

After students returned to campus, British police reported approximately 1,000 cases of needle injection across the country.

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