Neha Sakka Is On A Mission To Empower Youth In Technology

Neha Sakka Is On A Mission To Empower Youth In Technology

Neha Sakka is a Rajasthan-based electrical engineer. She is deeply committed to empowering youth in technology through free training in universities and colleges. Her expertise is in the field of electric vehicles. She hopes to raise awareness about EVs among India’s youth. Neha has trained over 500 students in a span of two months. In addition, she represented India at the “International Virtual Women Youth Summit 2020.” On August 12, 2022, Neha is set to be felicitated with the National Education Award at the National Youth Parliament.

We were blown away by her determination to make a difference in technology as we interviewed Neha Sakka about her passion, vision, and the road ahead. Everyone should hear and read Neha’s incredible story!

Q. What prompted you to launch the “Trust EV: An Awareness Oath” programme, and why did you decide to enter the EV industry?

A. The programme “Trust EV” was created with the goal of empowering women with cutting-edge technologies that are sweeping the globe. The first target is the electric vehicle industry, followed by the solar photovoltaic industry. In general, when women are employed as engineers, it is more often than not in the IT sector, where they provide coding talent to the market or work in the sales department. My goal is to polish the thinking skills of women in engineering outside of the IT industry and bring them into mainstream technology industries such as electric vehicles.

I have a very clear mindset of proving it to the world: Women Can Do More Than Coding!

Women are more efficient than anyone else when it comes to machines!  

Q. What are the program’s advantages, particularly for the female audience?

We will never think of anything unless we are aware of its existence!

For me to see more and more women enter this industry, we must first get more and more women to understand what it is all about.

In various ways, my training is opening the hearts and minds of women to the Electric Vehicle industry.
Of course, women’s writing and coding skills are always in demand. But, there are numerous opportunities in the electric vehicle industry as a whole. Empowering women in this technology will lead to more job opportunities for them, and to be honest, having this industry led by women is more advantageous.

The future of women does not revolve around technology; rather, the future of technology revolves around women’s ability.

Neha shares her personal experience during training sessions. She says,

“When I talk to female engineers (in any field) about entering this market, they are hesitant (unless it is about the coding/IT aspect of the industry). They are afraid or insecure because they do not understand or are not aware of EV technology. Women in my training have begun to consider entering this industry by offering their talents in a variety of fields.

My first step has produced results. I wanted to start by getting EV technology recognised by them, because everything starts with the first thought. I was able to plant the seed of EV in the hearts of women. Now, in order to break into this industry, they are considering either taking up existing fields or creating their own!”

Neha goes on to say that introducing the EV ecosystem is not limited to engineers; what is required is brain training and the development of thought processes in relation to this technology, not a degree.

Q. How do you intend to move forward with it?

The goal is made up of mini-goals.

The first goal is to educate women youth about technology and the various fields associated with it.
(This is accomplished by organising training for students through a variety of channels, including various colleges, EV websites, social media platforms, and so on.)
The second goal is to take up an individual field in the industry and train women who are interested in that field.
The third goal is to train them by connecting them with various EV industrialists so that they can gain hands-on experience.
The ultimate goal is to have them as a think tank.

The target time frame is three years.

The next industry to be targeted is solar photovoltaics. It will always be integrated with the EV industry’s goal of supplying electricity from solar photovoltaic plants.

Q. Any personal experiences you’d like others to know about?

I’ve visited several colleges, including some of India’s top women’s engineering schools. There, I met many talented female youth.

To my surprise, some colleges had extremely talented female engineers in the automotive and electrical fields. They only needed a spark to get this technology going. As if the wait was only to introduce them to the technology.

There I realised that my decision to spread awareness through training while also taking care of all the chores had been well worth it. It inspired me to work even harder toward my goal.

I work from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m., have a family, and have this dream. The goal can only be achieved with God’s help. There are no funding agencies involved, and all training sessions are always free; no trainees are ever charged.

Electric vehicles are here to stay, with most major automakers now offering them to consumers as a new option, with the Toyota Prius being one of the first mass-marketed vehicles.

Neha Sakka Is On A Mission To Empower Youth In Technology

Neha Sakka is a brilliant electrical engineer who has spent the last few months focusing on empowering India’s youth through technology. She has trained hundreds of students in her field and works tirelessly to promote awareness about electric vehicles among India’s youth. Her work ethic and passion for helping others make a positive impact on their lives is truly admirable.

Neha is not only empowering youth with tech skills, she is also helping drive the innovation for India’s future by providing these vital skillsets to the next generation!

On this International Youth Day, August 12, 2022, Neha will be honoured with the National Education Award in National Youth Parliament for her commendable and thought-provoking work training students across the country in electric vehicles. The award will be presented in the presence of Shri Anurag Thakur, Minister of Youth Affairs and Sports.

If you are interested in learning more about electric vehicles or empowerment through technology, I highly recommend that you check out her website: Trust EV. You can also reach out to her on her Instagram handle @neha_sakka

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  1. I have attended her training program ELECTRIC VEHICLES and it was really a fantastic learning experience.
    Her way of teaching is so easy to understand and her presentations so much interactive that I really had the feeling of technical thinking re-ignited in me.
    I am really excited to know that she is getting that award in NATIONAL YOUTH PARLIAMENT and she truly deserves it.

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