A senior UK police officer claims that Meghan endured “disgusting” threats to her life as a royal

A Senior Uk Police Officer Claims That Meghan Endured “Disgusting” Threats To Her Life As A Royal
đź“· Meghan Markle faced significant threats to her life as a royal claimed a senior UK police officer.(Image: Instagram/@misanharriman)

The most senior police officer of color in the UK has made the shocking admission that Meghan Markle endured “disgusting” threats to her life when she was a member of the royal family.

When Neil Basu told Channel 4 News that he had to deal with real threats from far-right extremists against Meghan Markle and her husband, Prince Harry, it appeared as though he was reiterating Harry’s security concerns.

In 2018, Meghan and Prince Harry got married. In 2020, they left the royal family and relocated to America.


Neil Basu, 54, after working for the Metropolitan Police of London for 30 years, is leaving from his position. When asked if there were actual dangers to Meghan’s life, he replied, “Absolutely.”

“We had teams investigating it. People have been prosecuted for those threats.”

Harry, who had returned to the UK from the United States, had famously sued the UK government for removing his state-funded security.

Harry also criticised some media coverage, online trolls, and comments on the internet for being sexist and racist toward Meghan. In a 2021 television interview with Oprah Winfrey, the couple went on to accuse the royal family of bigotry.

Indian-born Basu criticised senior Asian-American Conservative lawmakers for using “horrific” language regarding immigrants.

He criticised Home Secretary Suella Braverman for referring to immigrants in a “inexplicable” manner. She supported a contentious government plan to deport unsuccessful asylum applicants to Rwanda and had called Albanian asylum seekers “criminals.”


“It is unbelievable to hear a succession of very powerful politicians who look like this talking in language that my father would have remembered from 1968. It’s horrific,” he said.

“I was born in 1968. The ‘rivers of blood’ speech happened in the constituency next to where my parents lived and made their life hell. A mixed-race couple walking through the streets in the 1960s. Stoned,” he further added.

“I speak about race because I know something about race because I’m a 54-year-old mixed race man.”

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