Mysterious Underwater “Death Pool” Discovered At The Red Sea, Kills Everything Instantly

Mysterious Underwater “Death Pool” Discovered At The Red Sea, Kills Everything Instantly
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Imagine finding a pool in the middle of the ocean with no way out. It’s true! An underwater ‘death pool’ has been discovered deep in the Red Sea. This pool immediately kills anything that swims inside it, and scientists are still trying to figure out how it was created!

The pool, which measures 107,00 square feet, was discovered by University of Miami researchers.

It’s a long way down, discovered 1.1 miles beneath the surface of the Indian Ocean’s inlet between Africa and Asia.

It’s also been there for a very long time. The pools are thought to have formed from mineral pockets that were deposited up to 23 million years ago.

What makes it so lethal?

It is devoid of oxygen. Instead, it’s filled with brine, and the salt solution kills almost everything that enters it.

“Any animal that strays into the brine is immediately stunned or killed,” said researcher Sam Purkis to Live Science.

He also claimed that the pool is “one of the most extreme environments on the planet.”

Some creatures use it to hunt for food, according to Purkis: “Fish, shrimp, and eels appear to use the brine to hunt.”

Predators position themselves on the pool’s rim to “feed on the unlucky” creatures who drown after swimming into it.

It’s not the first brine-filled pool in the Red Sea that researchers have found, but it is the closest to land.

The previous closest pool was more than 15 miles from the coast of Egypt, while this one is only 1.25 miles away.

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