The Forbidden Fruit

The Forbidden Fruit
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She felt the stream of hotness flow from the inner depths of her

She was chilled, feeling elevated

Her own warmth made her weak; her bones cried for rest


She was erotic, raised from the glaze of morning sun

Touching her bare skin, she felt like the queen

Served to the core, cherished by the memories of her secret lover

She smiled her mysterious smile of finding

The hidden treasures of desire

Delight in her lover’s zeal

She wanted again to feel the wind blowing her hair

She wanted to fly and hold her breath

She knew that her existence is a mere mirage


She struggled to stop her desires from emergence

It was the forbidden fruit

Not to be devoured, not to be touched…..


The fruit of desire followed her everywhere

With every breath she took

It enfolded and tangled her and took her to the new

World of Desires!

Gayatri P

About the Author:

Gayatri P is a postgraduate in English. She takes tuition and writes for websites.

We provide an outlet for feminist expression, whether it’s poetry, articles, stories, opinions, etc. Email your work to and we will consider publishing it.

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