8 ultimate date ideas to spice up your love life

8 Ultimate Date Ideas To Spice Up Your Love Life

Finding date ideas and ways to strengthen your relationship can feel a little challenging, whether you’ve been together for two months or 20 years. So, we’ve compiled eight ultimate old-school date suggestions as well as a comprehensive list of bonding activities you can use to strengthen your relationship.

1. A special night in

  • Make a reservation at a nice restaurant. It’s fun to go somewhere fancy, especially if it’s somewhere you haven’t been before.
  • Cook dinner together and enjoy each other’s company over the meal.
  • Watch a movie or take in an artsy show, such as going to see an outdoor performance or listening to live music outdoors on a summer evening. If you can’t get out of town for this one, try watching Netflix instead!
  • Go shopping for something new that will make your date memorable (and maybe also help him remember who he is). Don’t forget about those romantic gifts from years ago—they’re still great! Some ideas include tickets to see his favorite band; tickets for some sporting event; flowers; chocolates; a cologne/perfume gift set (if he likes scents); lingerie gift set (if she loves sexy clothes).

2. Date in a room with a view

If you want to go on a date that’s more than just a walk in the park, try one of these ideas.

  • Go to a restaurant with an amazing view.
  • Stay at a hotel that has an amazing view.
  • Visit an aquarium with an amazing view.
  • Take your love for fish and go on vacation to see them in their natural habitat!

3. Go back to your favorite memories together

You can also go back to the places you’ve been together, or even the places you’ve only shared with each other. For example:

  • First date (or first kiss)
  • Place where you met
  • Place where you got married/had kids
8 Ultimate Date Ideas To Spice Up Your Love Life

4. Check out a new activity together

If you’re bored of doing the same thing every day, take your date to an activity that will be new for both of you. Try something outside the box! A museum is always great for getting to know a city and its history, but there are so many other things to try out: an art gallery, concert venue or sporting event are just some of the options available. You could also head over to comedy shows or plays—it’s always fun seeing how people react when they’re laughing at something they thought was funny.

Another way to spice up your love life is by going out with friends on weekends—it’s not only cheaper than taking dates out alone but also gives them more time together so they can catch up on each other’s lives during their downtime between dates.

5. Take a road trip

  • Go to a nearby town and find a new place to eat, shop or visit.

You can also take your date on a day trip that’s not too far from home. If you have time on the weekend, consider going somewhere with lots of fun activities like amusement parks and zoos!

6. Get dressed up and go out dancing

Dancing is fun, and it’s easy to get started. You can dance at home, or go out dancing. You can dance with friends or your partner. Or you can learn new dances together!

Dancing is also great for couples who are just getting started in their relationship—or if you’re looking for a way to spice up your love life with someone new (but not so new that they don’t know how to do the basic moves). If this sounds like something that would work well for both of you, then give it a shot!

Date Night 5

7. Be each others’ personal chefs

You can’t go wrong with this one. Cooking is a great way to get to know each other better, and if you’re having fun while you’re doing it, then all the better!

Here are some tips for making your date night feel special:

  • Be creative with ingredients. Try something new like Indian cuisine or Greek food (or just a variation on traditional dishes) — there are so many options out there that will surprise even the pickiest eater.
  • Make sure they look good on their plate! This might seem obvious but seriously—you don’t want their food looking bland or unappetizing when they eat it because then no one wants to eat it anymore…or maybe just one person does because he/she likes chicken fingers more than others do? Either way: make sure everyone’s happy with how things turn out!

8. You don’t need to spend money on a fancy date night. Get creative and do something fun with your partner!

You don’t need to spend money on a fancy date night. Get creative and do something fun with your partner!

  • Bake cookies together, or make chocolate chip cookies from scratch.
  • Go out for drinks in a location you’ve always wanted to visit rather than just your local hangout.
  • Go out karaoke-ing, or even ice skating (if it snows!).


We hope these ideas have inspired you to try something new and exciting. Your relationship is more than just a romantic getaway, it’s about your commitment to each other as individuals. So make sure that when you go out on the town together it’s not just a fancy meal or night at the theater but something unique and memorable – like this awesome idea for an outdoor adventure!

8 Ultimate Date Ideas To Spice Up Your Love Life

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