Hymenorrhaphy is considered to be a hypocritical act illegal to be done in Sweden

Hymenorrhaphy Is Considered To Be A Hypocritical Act Illegal To Be Done In Sweden

The temporary restoration of the hymen is called the Hymenorrhaphy or hymen reconstruction surgery. The hymen is a Greek word that means a membrane, and raphḗ means suture. This procedure is not part of gynaecology or medical practice related to the health of the female reproductive system (vaginauterus, and ovaries). This procedure is carried out in plastic surgery centers in some countries with the primary aim to cause bleeding during sexual intercourse, evidence of virginity in some cultures.

In middle eastern countries, especially Iran, where girls are supposed to be virgins until marriage night, this operation is ubiquitous. Based on the issued Fatwa (legal opinion), a Marja’-e-Taqlid or Grand Ayatollah Sayyid Sadeq Rohani Hymenorrhaphy is legal in Iran. Having done this operation, a woman is called a virgin. Some girls who come from a religious family lose their virginity before the marriage night because they do not want to adhere to their parents’ principal. But to preserve the honour of their family and religion, they have no choice but to prove their virginity to their future husbands.

This surgery costing 30 thousand kronor in Sweden is illegal because it is an operation for something which does not exist. A social affair organization jurist believes that a physician performing hymen reconstruction surgery in Sweden is at risk of losing his or her work credibility and work permit.

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