In Pakistan, four women were stripped naked and paraded

In Pakistan, Four Women Were Stripped Naked And Paraded
News Highlight: Five men in Pakistan’s Punjab province battered, undressed, and recorded four women after accusing them of “shoplifting.” In connection with the case, five guys have been arrested.

Pakistani police detained five men in Faisalabad on accusations of assaulting, stripping, and recording four women.

The footage of numerous guys torturing, beating and stripping four women that went viral sparked international anger.

After accusing four women of “shoplifting,” a group of people in Pakistan undressed, dragged, and beat them up on December 6.

Faisalabad, around 180 kilometres from Lahore, was the scene of the horrible occurrence.

The four women, one of whom was a teenager, were seen in a viral video begging for a piece of cloth to cover themselves after being stripped naked but instead they were thrashed with sticks.

The women were observed crying and appealing to the people to let them go. Their efforts were in vain.

They were paraded through the streets naked for one hour.

According to a Punjab Police tweet, two of the suspects were arrested on Monday night, while three more were arrested on Tuesday.

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