What Is The Purpose Of Life? Let’s Find Out In A Minute

What Is The Purpose Of Life? Let’S Find Out In A Minute
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I realise that the real purpose of life is a subject that must be bothering millions of people all over the world, but I’d want to use this chance to introduce a new concept: why does purpose matter?

Isn’t it enough that you’re alive and breathing to enjoy nature’s joys and blessings? To view massive waterfalls or towering mountains; the dark and gorgeous ocean and the life within; the trees that have stood the test of time; uncountable animals, insects, birds, and mammals; and, most importantly, to see a living, breathing life in them. in both myself and you. We are still living. Who knows what will happen when this cycle of existence comes to an end? What difference does it make if we don’t know why we’re here if we’re not enjoying what we’ve been given LIFE?

You’re breathing, I’m breathing, and we’re all connected right now. With each new day, life grows and outgrows us. Look around for your happiness. What exactly is it? What happened to it? Is it the green of nature that makes you smile, or the blue and white that makes your heart skip a beat? What brings you delight, and where do you find it?

Is it in the person you see in the mirror or in the people around you?

Where is your happiness?

Did you take time to smile and appreciate the blessings of being alive with each passing day?

The point is that if you look for and immerse yourself in your delight, your mission will emerge.

So, where is your joy this time?

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