There’s A Genocide Happening in Cameroon! When will we wake up and ACT?

There’S A Genocide Happening In Cameroon! When Will We Wake Up And Act?
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How did it start?

Two years ago a conflict along linguistic and cultural lines began in Cameroon between the Francophone majority in the country, and the Anglophone minority in the western provinces of Cameroon. The middle class protested against the discriminatory policies of the Francophone central government which was perceived to be further marginalizing English speakers and English-speaking areas. The government of Paul Biya, which has been in power since 1982, believed those initial protests were a challenge to the authority of his regime and responded with a severe crackdown. This, in turn, led to a full-fledged, generalized secessionist movement among the English speakers in the west.

What makes it worse are the horrifying accounts of the survivors. The extrajudicial killings of women and children carried out by the central government army personnel which seems to be a systematic campaign of violence against civilians, with thousands already dead. Entire villages have been evacuated, more than 700,000 people have been displaced and thousands have died in three years as a result of indiscriminate state aggression.

The BIGGER question is WHY THERE’S A DEAFENING SILENCE ON THE ONGOING GENOCIDE by the International community?

When will the world wake up to what’s happening in Cameroon?

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