7 Steps to Turn Your Life Around and Make Your Hobby Your Job: Transform Your Passion into a Career

7 Steps To Turn Your Life Around And Make Your Hobby Your Job: Transform Your Passion Into A Career
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Have you ever felt stuck in a job that you hate, longing for a career that aligns with your passions and interests? Do you have a hobby that you’re passionate about but feel unsure about how to turn it into a sustainable career? If so, this guide is for you! In this article, we will show you 7 steps to turn your life around and transform your hobby into a fulfilling and lucrative career. By following these simple steps, you’ll be on your way to turning your life around, pursuing your passion, and building a successful career that brings you joy and satisfaction every day.

1) Learn all that you can to turn your life around

If you are serious about making your recreational activity into a career, do all that you can to learn everything that you can about what you wish to pursue. Some ideas include:

  1. Try seeking help from free resources such as YouTube.
    1. From dancing tutorials to creative program tutorials, there is so much that can be found for free.
  2. If you want one-on-one training, you could collaborate with others.
    1. If you know anyone who excels at what you want to learn, you could ask them to help you. Alternatively, you could pay someone to teach you.
    2. When you collaborate with others, ignore needless criticism and pay attention to constructive criticism. Anyone who flat out gives negative feedback of your work without telling you how to correct any issues (“This is terrible!”, “What made you think this was a good idea?”, etc.), I would not recommend working with that person in the future. They are giving needless criticism. If someone gives an honest appraisal about what is working and what is not working (bonus points if they tell you the positives of what you’ve done), then you should value their advice even if your pride is injured.
  3. Consider higher education
    1. It is a serious decision that should be thought over carefully. Consider all aspects of returning to higher education, especially if you have to pay a lot of money to attend. However, you don’t have to break the bank to consider higher education. If you can apply for grants and scholarships, ask the school’s financial aid centre for assistance in finding more information about these types of aid.
    2. In addition, there are places like The University of The People where education is offered for a reasonable cost (www.uopeople.edu).

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2) Schedule time to practice

  • Schedule time for practice and stay committed to the time that you choose.
  • Don’t allow procrastination to take hold of you.
  • Once in a while, it is OK to take a break to avoid burnout (especially if you have other responsibilities to attend to).

3) Continue to improve until you are confident in your abilities

  • Once you are confident, you will know when it is time to show off your talents.
  • Keep in mind that perfection is impossible (that isn’t the goal that you should aim for), but confidence and demonstrated practice in what you do shines through.

4) Show the best that you have

A Special Note For Anyone In The Creative Arts:

Keep your portfolio updated as much as possible. Like with practice, take the time to create new content to put onto your portfolio. If you are trying to be active in what you do, keep work on your portfolio as current as possible.

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5) Stay dedicated

  • Being an “overnight success” is a myth. Anything worth having will not happen instantly. There isn’t a set timeline on when success will come, but don’t give up!

6) Seek opportunities for exposure

Opportunities to gain public attention include the following:

  1. Social Media Marketing
  2. Unpaid / Volunteer Opportunities
  3. Paid Opportunities
  4. Opportunities doing exactly what you want.
  5. Opportunities that are closely aligned with your interests.

7) The day comes when your hard work pays off

Congratulations! You’ve made your recreation into a career! Now, continue to learn and evolve while living your best life!

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