Taliban says Afghan women can’t leave Kabul for higher studies

Taliban Says Afghan Women Can’T Leave Kabul For Higher Studies
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According to sources cited by Sputnik, the Taliban (who are subject to UN sanctions for terrorism) have forbidden female students from leaving the Afghan capital to attend universities in Kazakhstan and Qatar. Male students were the only ones who could fly out of Afghanistan for study purposes, despite the fact that both female and male students were planning to leave Kabul.

In September 2021, an interim Afghan government headed by the Taliban took office following the withdrawal of US troops from the country and the fall of the US-backed government. The Taliban imposed gender-based segregation in schools and forbade Afghan women from working outside the home. Beyond the sixth grade, girls are not allowed to continue their education.

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In addition, the Taliban forbids women from engaging in leisure activities or going to parks at the same time as men, and they are all required to cover their faces when in public.

Taliban regulations forbid women from travelling unless they are escorted by a male relative and demand that women cover their faces in public, including female TV newscasters.

In addition, the Taliban destroyed the system in place to address gender-based violence, added new obstacles to women’s access to healthcare, interfered with the work of women’s aid workers, and attacked women’s rights protesters.

A rise in child, early and forced marriage rates in Afghanistan was facilitated by the Taliban, who also imprisoned women and girls for relatively minor violations of discriminatory laws.

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